Spotted By Locals: Winter Walk, A Downtown Oasis

Last updated: Dec 3rd, 2018 | By: Nadine Johnson

The Winter Walk Plaza has become a new tradition in San Francisco. The construction of the new Central Subway has made Stockton Street between Market Street and Union Square an eyesore. It’s usually fenced off. Cars can’t drive through and pedestrians squeeze past one another on the narrow sidewalk on their way from the Levi’s Store on Market Street to the Apple Store in Union Square.

During the holidays, something special happens. The construction magically disappears. The artificial grass and seats create a peaceful space. People smile more and I think the sun shines a little brighter on this block.

This was fenced in just a few short weeks ago. But, the Pedestrian Plaza is back as an official annual city event with local vendors and weekly themes. Subway construction will continue underground for a couple more years but the street will open for traffic in January.

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